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About East Asia Group

We help organizations across the social, private and public sectors better understand the highly complex environments and intricacies of the markets we serve to realize their success. East Asia Group's strength lies in the partnerships we develop to address that need. We form very strong relationships utilzing our own teams globally with client's scope and project objectives that drive their agendas, which have attracted a loyal roster of clients. Some have been with the firm since its founding in 2003.

For over 20 years, East Asia Group has been an intelligence and international affairs management advisory consulting firm that provides actionable advice and highly specialized local expertise throughout East Asia and the United States. Our organization's entrepreneurial culture and acumen are deliberately helping drive clients' performance to facilitate and realize their ambitions and foreknowledge to proactively build capacity to reach better decisions quickly and mitigate risk.

Foundation for Successful Engagements




Steadfastly committed in maintaining our client's anonymity and the integrity of private and confidential information are paramount to maintaining trust and confidence. Selecting highly trusted experts in their field with specialized foreknowledge ensures we provide the absolute highest level of relevancy, competency and expertise possible. Loyalty, accuracy and integrity are necessary to maintain transparency with clients. We always operate in conjunction with our client's scope and project objectives.




The level of dedication to our craft clearly stands out in the industry. We provide an international network of deep, meaningful relationships with actors in public and private sectors. Rapidly benefit from discovery, and powerful, actionable insights from scholarly field research and dynamic, effective and efficient engagements to help client's achieve their objectives. Challenging assumptions, with deep understanding of languages and cultures, and proactive approach fosters intelligent application of innovation and creativity to providing evidence-based results.

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